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I am very pleased to recommend John Bunker as a hypnotist/counsellor.

I was referred to John by my GP to address anxiety and panic attacks. These issues were the result of long standing and deeply ingrained issues that had never been addressed.

Three appointments with John were all I needed to resolve these to a satisfactory conclusion and completion.

Friends now comment on how much more open and relaxed I am now, and my home is a lot more peaceful.

These changes are directly as a result of John’s expertise.

Exactly 3 weeks ago I had an appointment with John Bunker. For the past 10 years I had a gambling problem. The problem wasn’t so much the amount of money I fed into the machines, but the fact that it had become a vicious cycle. I desperately wanted to break this cycle and be free from this problem and the emotions that were associated with it.

John has previously used Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) during sessions for some other problems that I had. The results were always remarkable so I had great belief and trust that the same results would be achieved for the gambling problem. Surely enough, they were!

Today I am free of the gambling problem. I no longer go to sleep beating myself up for what I was doing. I no longer wake up for what I was doing. I no longer wake up planning to gamble. What an absolutely marvelous feeling. What freedom!

Thanks to the wonderful techniques and of course to John Bunker who is very proficient in using these techniques. I have been able to move forward and to have peace within myself. I have no hesitation in recommending these techniques and John Bunker to other people.

As a year 12 student, the stress and pressure experienced through the HSC broke down my motivation and confidence following my trial exams. I often felt anxious that I was not studying (regardless of the fact that I studied frequently), and even when I was studying I had an extremely low self confidence in my ability.

When my father referred me to Mr John Bunker in mid August, I had a two hour session with Mr Bunker at Hawkesbury Hypnotherapy on 19th August. Since my session with Mr Bunker, my confidence has improved significantly in all aspects, whereby I no longer feel anxious about the approaching HSC exams, nor that I will fail them.

This new found motivation has also improved my emotional state, as I am more positive about my future as a result of my first session at Hawkesbury Hypnotherapy. I am writing this letter to thank Mr Bunker for his help.

Since my first session, my marks have improved dramatically, especially with receiving 20/20 for a religion essay two weeks later and then coming top 10% out of 180 students in my year two months following.

Thanks to Mr Bunker, I now feel confident, motivated and determined about both the HSC and my future.

My 13 year old daughter was struggling with self confidence to a degree where she could not cope with this situation herself. As her mother it was totally affecting me as well and also the whole family. I got to a point where I felt lost in it all and didn’t know what I was going to do with my child.

My daughter was looking to me for answers and I was starting to run out of them. That’s when I suggested hypnotherapy to my husband and he called John and arranged an appointment with him for our daughter.

I took my child for the appointment hoping for a miracle and I believe that is what has happened. I know that sounds a bit over the top but to truly see te change in my child is wonderful! There were three major issues bothering my child at school with other children standing over my daughter and giving her a really hard time and she felt she couldn’t speak up to them. After talking with John my child came home over the following week and I could see the sheer happiness in her face as she then proceeded to tell me that she DID IT. My daughter finally stood up to these bullies at school and she felt relieved as she was not bottling it up and she spoke to these bullies with truth and justice in her voice, not a voice filled with hate and anger.

All I can say is that as her mother I just want my child to grow and develop into a happy and confident adult and it appears that meeting with John just once has led my daughter down the path to her own emotional freedom, and when she feels free and content I feel relieved and happy. So John with all that you done for my daughter in that one and a half hours, I am truly thankful you have helped our whole family.

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